Actresses of the 50s and 60s

Laura Antonelli in 1968

In 1941, Italian on November 14, 2015 at 7:47 am


Laura Antonelli:  A sultry brunette with soft green eyes and a curvaceous figure that she was happy to expose for the camera, Laura Antonelli possessed an incongruously sweet and innocent voice. “If I manage to communicate a kind of sensuality on the screen,” she once observed, “it must mean that there is something in me that I can express.” Her breakthrough role was in Salvatore Samperi’s sexually charged Malizia (“Malice”, 1973). As Angela, a put-upon housemaid who battles the advances of her employer, Ignazio, and one of his teenage sons, she held a mirror up to the sexual mores of the Italian bourgeoisie. The film was a smash hit . One critic likened her to “a Madonna by Caravaggio” and Italian opinion polls frequently called her the nation’s sexiest woman. Angelo Frontoni, a photographer and friend of the actress, noted that she “always had a bit of the Marilyn Monroe syndrome about her. Even in the early days, she was convinced that everyone wanted to exploit and use her as a sexual object – whether they were film directors or would-be lovers.”


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