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Sharon Tate ‘Eye Of The Devil’ 1966

In 1943, American on April 28, 2016 at 11:53 am

Sharon Tate BW asharonodile

Does it really seem surprising that a film entitled Eye of the Devil (1967) would experience a cursed production schedule? Initially, Kim Novak was cast in the lead but had to withdraw from the film with a back injury after eighty per cent of it had been shot. Julie Andrews was then considered as a replacement until the producers, Martin Ransohoff and John Calley, decided on Deborah Kerr. With Kerr firmly in place, the film crew returned to the castle of Brives les Gaillards in France in the dead of winter to re-shoot the scenes previously filmed there with Novak. Along the way there were more script changes required, resulting in Terry Southern dropping out of the project and being replaced by screenwriters Robin Estridge and Dennis Murphy. The film also went through three directors – Sidney J. Furie, Arthur Hiller, and Michael Anderson – before J. Lee Thompson was brought in to complete the project. After all the hard work and expense, the working title of 13 was changed to Eye of the Devil. The film was then unceremoniously dumped in block bookings without any fanfare. Two years after its release, co-star Sharon Tate would be murdered at her home along with four other people by members of the Manson family. Turner Classic Movies.

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