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Sharon Tate portrait

In 1943, American on April 28, 2016 at 12:09 pm

Sharon Tate BW Annex NRFPT_05

The unusual plot, which could be considered a precursor to The Wicker Man, another occult thriller that achieved cult status in the seventies, stars David Niven as a wealthy vineyard owner who begins acting strangely after his grape crop fails for the third year in a row. His wife, played by Deborah Kerr, notices that there are plenty of other things amiss on the estate as well. For instance, there’s a sinister young man (David Hemmings) who hunts doves and his creepy sister Odile (Sharon Tate) who could be a witch. And of course, it’s hard to ignore that weird group of hooded men filing through the woods – which leads Ms. Kerr to the conclusion that her husband is destined for some horrible fate. Turner Classic Movies.

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