Actresses of the 50s and 60s

Janet Ågren underdressed

In 1949, Swedish on July 3, 2016 at 10:57 am

janet agren

Janet Ågren (born 1949) Swedish actress in Italian exploitation films. Cinemorgue: “Ingrid sulla strata” (1973): character commits suicide, though I don’t know the circumstances; “The Killer Reserved Nine Seats” (1974): character stabbed in the back while performing the death scene from ‘Romeo & Juliet’; “The Uranium Conspiracy” (1978): character shot in the head; “The Perfect Crime” (1979) character shot in the head after the killer knocks her unconscious, then places the gun in Janet’s hand and uses it to shoot Adolfo Celi, simulating a murder/suicide; “City of the Living Dead” (1980) character’s scalp ripped off by a zombie. She later returns as a zombie herself, and dies once again when stabbed in the stomach with an iron spike; “Dagger Eyes” (1983) character stabbed with a switchblade-cane; “Red Sonja” (1985) character shot in the back with an arrow by soldiers; she dies in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms after making her way across a rope bridge; “Night of the Sharks” (1987): character eaten by a shark; “The Rat Man” (1988): character killed off-screen by a mutant rat-man after it sneaks onto the airplane with her; the movie ends with her screaming over a shot of the plane in flight.

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