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Debbie Watson

In 1949, American on January 4, 2017 at 11:05 am


Debbie Watson (1949 – ) in The Cool Ones (1967).

TCM: Debbie Watson, in a role intended for Nancy Sinatra, plays Hallie Rogers, an overzealous, aspiring singer who works as a go-go dancer on the (fictional) TV show, Whizbam

The film is not rock ‘n roll but an unpalatable marriage of a Las Vegas lounge act with a Broadway musical. In fact, “This Town,” one of the showcased songs in The Cool Ones, was recorded by both Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy (on her 1967 TV special, Movin’ with Nancy).

On another level The Cool Ones is an invaluable time capsule which documents Los Angeles and Palm Springs as those places looked in 1967. Debbie Watson has a changing wardrobe of go-go boots, Carnaby Caps and skirts with big white belts. Watson and her co-star Gil Peterson don’t seem to be aware of how ridiculous their roles are, lending their performances some amateurish innocence; it doesn’t make their acting any better, but it adds to the fun.



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