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Sandra Dee in ‘Tammy and The Doctor’

In 1944, American on January 4, 2017 at 10:29 am

TAMMY AND THE DOCTOR, Sandra Dee, 1963

Sandra Dee in Tammy And The Doctor (1963).

NY Times review: TAMMY TYREE, the blonde flower of the moss-covered bayous around Vicksburg, who has been exposed to the color cameras twice before in all her teen-age loveliness, is her own sweet and wholly improbable self again in “Tammy and the Doctor.” Even though she is a nurse’s aide in a Los Angeles hospital this time, Tammy’s inspection of life and love is the same.

Tammy, as portrayed once again by Sandra Dee, is youthful, cute and photogenic, if not an exceptionally complex creature. … Miss Dee, as Tammy, manages in wide-eyed, naive fervor to fix almost everything. Stanley Clements, as an uncomprehending ambulance driver flatly explains, “She’s a kook.” He exaggerates. A pretty, sweet little bore would be closer to the mark.



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