Actresses of the 50s and 60s

Elizabeth Allen in “From The Terrace”

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Elizabeth Allen’s big break came on a Saturday night in October 1957. While working in an industrial show in Detroit, Ms. Allen received a phone call asking her to return to New York to read for the role of Juliet in the Peter Ustinov comedy “Romanoff and Juliet.” The show was scheduled to open in five days, but there had been difficulty with the actress cast as Juliet. Ms. Allen had been recommended by Jack Manning, the director of the Hayes touring troupe. She flew to New York on a Sunday and read for Mr. Ustinov and the producer David Merrick on Monday. Wherever she went during the next three days, including while her hair was being dyed red, she was trailed by someone helping her memorize the script. On Thursday night, the show opened. Ms. Allen’s Broadway roles and television appearances led to her Hollywood career. Among other major film roles, she played in “Diamond Head” with Charlton Heston, in “Donovan’s Reef” with John Wayne and in “From the Terrace” with Paul Newman. In 1965, Ms. Allen received her best-actress Tony nomination for the role of Leona Samish in Richard Rodgers’s musical “Do I Hear a Waltz?,” about an American secretary seeking, but not quite finding, romance while on vacation in Venice. “I hated being remembered as the ‘Away we go!’ girl,” Ms. Allen once said. “Now I love it, because so many people liked it. It’s flattering.” NY Times.


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