Actresses of the 50s and 60s

Magda Konopka

In Polish on August 6, 2017 at 12:32 am

Magda Konopka – starred in Satanik (1968). “Based on a French comic of the same name, SATANIK (1968) arrived in the wake of other Euro super villain epics such as the French 60s “Fantomas” films and Mario Bava’s [DANGER] DIABOLIK. An elderly woman drinks a formula to transform into a leggy beauty with false eyelashes. She enters a life of crime, seducing and double crossing many sex-starved men but the formula is only temporary and she must continue to consume to retain her youthful appearance. A Spanish/Italian co-production, SATANIK stars Hungarian-born beauty Magda Konopka, known as a minor Hammer starlet for her later supporting role in WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH 1970.” DVD Drive In.

  1. […] Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth fosters a healthy historical humility, for the sight of Miss Vetri, or Magda Konopka, or Imogen Hassall, or many others in their mastadon-skin bikinis, is enough to demolish distance […]

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