Help! Aidez-Moi! – C

Please correct and add to the birth dates and death dates in the alphabetical list of names of actresses in this blog. Veuillez corriger et ajouter aux dates de naissance et aux dates de décès dans la liste alphabétique des noms des actrices dans ce blog.

Camilla Sparv born 1943

Camille Keaton born 1947

Candace Glendenning born 1953

Candice Bergen born 1946

Carita Järvinen born 1943

Carla Marlier born 1937

Carmen Sevilla born 1930

Carol Hawkins born 1949

Carol Sydes aka Cindy Carol born 1944

Carole Wells born 1942

Caroline Munro born 1949

Carroll Baker born 1931

Catherine Deneuve born 1943

Catherine Schell born 1944

Catherine Spaak born 1945

Cathie Shirriff born 1941

Charlotte Austin born 1933

Charlotte Rampling born 1946

Cher born 1946

Cheryl Ladd born 1951

Chris Noel born 1941

Christine Aurel born 1947

Christine Lebail born 1948

Cindy Carol born 1944

Claire Bloom born 1931

Claudia Cardinale born 1938

†Collinson Twins; Madeleine 1952 – 2014; Mary)

Connie Francis born 1938

Cristina Ferrare born 150

Cybill Shepherd born 1950

Cynthia Myers born 1950


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