Karyn Kupcinet (1941 – 1963)

Karyn Kupcinet: born Roberta Lynn Kupcinet 6 March 1941, Chicago Illinois, USA; died 28 November 1963, age 22, West Hollywood, California; asphyxiation by strangulation.

On screen from 1961 in a minor role in Jerry Lewis’ The Ladies Man (1961) followed by television guest roles. She should NOT be identified with Tammy Windsor – a different actress with credits around the same time.

No one has ever been charged with Kupcinet’s murder.

3 replies to “Karyn Kupcinet (1941 – 1963)

  1. Thank you for clearing the matter between Karyn Kupcinet & Tammy Windsor, as I am Tammy Windsor & very much alive!(thank God)! I don’t know how it all got started but I was the actress in General Electric Show, several Hawaiian Eyes, Andy Griffith show, Little Shop of Horrors, etc.
    TW was my stage name, the following is my legit name!

    1. My dear Ms De Bear, many thanks for your reading of our blog. I must thank Ms Janet Anderson and originally your actual self for clearing the matter in 2014. Is there an accessible photo of you from your acting days that we could post? Best wishes, H.E.

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