Brenda Benet (1945 – 1982)

Brenda Benet: American actress born Brenda Nelson 14 August 1945, Los Angeles California; died 7 April 1982, age 36, West Los Angeles California; suicide by gunshot.

Petite brunette Benet’s career began in the TV soap The Young Marrieds (1965-66) and ended as villainess Lee Dumonde in Days of our Lives (TV 1979-1981). In addition to many TV guest appearances, she made B-grade teen movies including Beach Ball (1965) with Edd Byrnes, Elvis Presley’s Harum Scarum (1965) and Track of Thunder (1967) with Tommy Kirk.

Benet’s marriage to former child actor Paul Petersen in 1967 ended bitterly after 18 months when Benet hooked up with Yvonne Craig’s long-time partner Bill Bixbie. Bixbie and Benet’s marriage lasted ten years but, shortly after they separated, their son died from a severe asthma attack. A year later, Benet locked herself in her bathroom and shot herself in the head with a .38 revolver.

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