Ashlyn Martin aka Laura Lynn Hale 1946 – 1991

Playboy Playmate of the Month April 1964 Ashlyn Martin: born Laura Lynn Hale, 20 Mar 1946, Ohio USA; died 24 Oct 1991 California USA (suicide).

A post on a blog:


Could you please tell me if this is Ashlynn Martin from 1967? If so, her real name was Laura Lynn Hale and she was my first cousin. She died many years ago of suicide. Thank you.

And a follow-up:

04 April 2012 @ 11:15 11:15

I was just thinking of Laura and started looking, wondering if she was alive. We were close friends in the late 60ies 70, 71 in nyc. I got out in 72 and went to Hawaii and changed my life and lost contact with her. I grew up in canada, and was in highschool when the playboy issue came out with laura’s centerfold, the pictures looked so much like me, [the one on the couch] it actually looked more like me than it did of laura. anyway people were coming up to me asking is that you, asking my mother was her daughter in playboy. I moved to new york when i was 18 met Laura around 21 and awhile later discovered the playboy pic connection. We were too beautiful and too young. Sorry to hear she took her life. If you would tell me when she died i’d appreciate it.

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