Maggie McNamara 1929 – 1978

Maggie McNamara: American actress and model on screen 1949 – 1964, born Marguerite McNamara 18 June 1929, New York; died 18 February 1978, 49 years of age, New York; barbiturate overdose.

Discovered by the Powers Modelling Agency as a schoolgirl, McNamara was plucked from obscurity by Otto Preminger for the lead role in the controversial and sexually-frank film The Moon Is Blue (1954). Refusing to play the Hollywood game, McNamara acted only sporadically, appearing prematurely aged in TV roles 1963 – 1964, then retired to New York where she worked as a typist.

Her suicide in 1978, following acute depression, was widely reported.


One reply to “Maggie McNamara 1929 – 1978

  1. She played “Bunny Blake” in one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. The episode was filmed in 1963 when she was 34. I don’t think she looked the least bit prematurely aged. Not in the least. She was radiant. Radiant and adorable, actually.

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