Mitsouko 1943 – 1995

Mitsouko (aka Maryse Guy): French striptease artist and actress, on screen 1962 – 1966, born 1943 and died 1995, approximately 52 years of age, Paris France; suicide by gunshot.

Before her brief movie career, Mitsouko was famous for her suspected involvement in the kidnapping of 4 year old heir to the Peugeot car fortune in 1960. In the 2000s, her son contributed to an online discussion of Mitsouko’s life on a James Bond fan website:

Maryse Guy Mitsouko lived in Paris and was married to the Director of Sothebys, Monsieur Blondeaux. They had a Son. I have the address where she lived but it is not of interest anymore as she killed herself through gunshot. I know this details of a friend of mine who was her neighbour. He was going shopping for her and helped her sometimes at her home.

Mitsouko was born in 1943. Was close Friend to Alain Delon and Curd Jürgens.
She also did a Record. 1965 she fell in Love with Monsieur Blondeau, Film-Producer and Director of Sothebys Paris. They had a Son. Beginning of the 1990’s Monsieur Blondeau left her common Appartment to live with a Man. Her Mother lived in a mental home in her older years. Mitsouko was afraid that it will happen to her too so she took her life in 1993. She commited suicide through gunshot.

I am Sebastien Blondeau, the son of Mitsouko or by her real name Marie Guy. I was doing a search on my mother and came up on this discussion. I felt very pleased to find people who have an interest in her, and I have to say your research is impressive. I just wanted to rectify the fact that she died in March 1995 and that my father Marc Blondeau left the common flat to live alone and not with a man, as stated…


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