Ellen Schwiers, 1930 – 2018

The actress Ellen Schwiers is dead. She died at the age of 88 in her house on Lake Starnberg.

Western Boot Hill | April 26, 2019

The actress Ellen Schwiers is dead. She died early Friday morning at the age of 88 after a long illness in her house on Lake Starnberg. This was told to the press by her daughter actress, Katerina Jacob, through her agency.

Ellen Schwiers was born in 1930 in Szczecin as the daughter of actor Lutz Schwiers. She appeared in numerous films and stood for series and crime series such as Derrick, The Bull of Tölz and police call 110 in front of the camera. Most recently, she had been on stage with her brother Holger Schwiers and her daughter Katerina in the play Old Woman Spring in the comedy in the Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

Schwiers had taken leave of the stage in 2015 after 70 years. A tour she would not go through, she said on the occasion of her 85th birthday. “I do not want to be carried on stage.” After the stage farewell, she wanted to devote herself to her family, her dogs and her garden.

Schwiers’ son Daniel had died of cancer at the age of 21 in 1985, and her husband died a few years later. A few weeks ago, Schwiers had told the evening paper that she could no longer walk, was bedridden, had “terrible pain” with every movement and therefore wanted to die. Despite her pain therapy, her suffering is now so severe that she considers euthanasia as well. “I’ve talked about this with my daughter, that’s what I wanted,” said Schwiers.

Born: 6/11/1930, Stettin, Pomerania, Germany
Died: 4/26/2019, Berg, Bavaria, Germany

Ellen Schwiers’ westerns – actress:
The Bandits of the Rio Grande – 1965 (Lida)
Ballad of a Gunman – 1967 (Maruja’s mother)

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