Abby Dalton, 1932 – 2020

Abby Dalton, born Gladys Marlene Wasden, 15 August 1932 Las Vegas, Nevada; died 23 November 2020, Los Angeles, California.

Actor Abby Dalton, best known for her role as Julia Cumson in “Falcon Crest,” died last week at the age of 88.

The Emmy-nominated star got her start acting in “Rock All Night,” a 1957 film about a group of hostages taken captive by two criminals at a club. She starred as Julie, a singer trapped at the club who was one of the main characters.

Dalton went on to work with Roger Corman, who directed and produced “Rock All Night,” on a handful of other projects including “Teenage Doll” and “Stakeout on Dope Street.” Her launch into the public eye came about quickly, and by 1959 she was cast in Jackie Cooper’s “Hennesey” television series. The role earned her an Emmy nomination by 1961 for outstanding performance in a supporting role by an actor or actress in a series.

In 1981, Dalton found her best-known role through “Falcon Crest,” a drama about the family politics behind a successful vineyard. She stayed with the series until 1986.


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