Lucia Bosé, 1931 – 2020

Lucia Bosé, Italian actress on screen 1950 – 2013; born 28 January 28 1931, Milan Italy; died 23 March 2020, Segovia Spain.

After she won the Miss Italy beauty pageant in 1947, Ms. Bosé traveled to Rome and drew the attention of the directors Michelangelo Antonioni and Giuseppe De Santis. In 1950 she appeared in De Santis’s “Under the Olive Tree” and Antonioni’s first feature film, “Story of a Love Affair.”

One of her most prominent parts was as Clara, a would-be actress who marries a film producer in Antonioni’s “The Lady Without Camelias” (1953).

Ms. Bosé traveled to Spain to film Juan Antonio Bardem’s “Death of a Cyclist” (1955), where she met Mr. Dominguín, Spain’s foremost bullfighter. They married quietly in Nevada that year, and Ms. Bosé stopped acting to raise their family. Ms. Bosé interrupted her retirement for a cameo in Jean Cocteau’s “The Testament of Orpheus” (1960) with Mr. Dominguín and Pablo Picasso, a family friend.

from The New York Times, 27 March 2020, by Daniel E. Slotnik

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  1. She was going to be the first major Italian import to the U.S. The first push for Italian films in America was thanks to the Italian government which set up a distribution company there.

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