Diane McBain Hollywood Deb Star

Diane McBain (1941 – 2023): 1959 Hollywood Deb star on the Bob Hope show, along with Carol Douglas, Yvette Mimieux, Leslie Parrish, Barbara Lawson, Linda Hutchins, Pamela Duncan, Shirley Knight, Maggie Pierce and Sherry Jackson.


Diane McBain was signed to a contract by Warner Brothers right out of high school. She would be known for playing the “spoiled rich girl” type on television and in films. She starred opposite Richard Burton in the 1960 film “Ice Palace” and appeared on the Warner Brothers TV series “77 Sunset Strip,” “Hawaiian Eye,” and “The Alaskans.” She was a regular cast member on the detective series “Surfside 6,” playing yacht owner Daphne Dutton. She left Warner Brothers in 1964 and vied for Elvis Presley’s attention with Shelly Fabares and Deborah Walley in the 1966 movie “Spinout.” McBain played Pinky Pinkston on TV’s “Batman,” and appeared in the AIP B-movies “Maryjane” and “The Mini-Skirt Mob.” Her acting career continued for a while and she guest starred on “Dallas,” “Eight is Enough,” and “Knight Rider.”  

“I wanted to play the ingenue,” she said. “I could never understand why everyone wanted to play the bitch. Because when you go into society, people view you as they see you onscreen. It’s terrible to be thought of as this messy, horrible person when you’re not!” – In the 2001 book “Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema by Tom Lisanti 

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