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Martine Beswick and Sean Connery

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Martine Beswick: Jamaican-born (1941) British actress, played ‘Paula’ in “Thunderball” (1965).

Juliet Mills

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Juliet Mills: older sister of Hayely Mills.

Joan Collins

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Joan Collins (born 1933): after four years in British films, moved to Hollywood for Howard Hawks’ Land of the Pharoahs (1955).

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Jane Asher ~ neat pretty looks

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Jane Asher: Paul McCartney’s muse, 1963-68. He wanted to hold her hand.

Helen Mirren

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Helen Mirren: British actress, born 1945.

Hayley Mills

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Hayley Mills: born 1946. The middle child of actor John Mills and writer Mary Hayley Bell, blonde, blue-eyed Hayley Mills became the epitome of English wholesomeness in the early 1960s in a series of Disney films. She first came to attention with a highly-praised turn as a pre-teen murder witness in “Tiger Bay” (1959), opposite her father. Based on this strong debut, Walt Disney signed Mills to a five-year contract, putting her in a series of sweet, ingratiating innocents ranging from “Pollyanna” (1960), for which she earned a special juvenile Academy Award, to a dual role of twins trying to reunite their divorced parents in “The Parent Trap” (1961) and the musical “Summer Magic” (1963 – a remake of Mother Carey’s Chickens, filmed by RKO in 1938). She also co-starred as one of three children who discover an escaped convict and believe he is Jesus Christ in Bryan Forbes’ “Whistle Down the Wind” (1961), adapted from a novel by her mother. After playing a perturbing student at a convent school who reforms in “The Trouble With Angels” (1966), directed by Ida Lupino, Mills shocked the Establishment and shed her pure image with a celebrated nude scene in “The Family Way” (also 1966). TCM.

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Janet Munro (1937 – 1972)

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1934 Janet Munro 1934-72 UK Disney farmgirl

Janet Munro: English-born Disney actress, died at age 38 from heart failure, possibly due to alcoholism or drug abuse.

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Lynne Frederick (1954 – 1994)

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Lynne Frederick (Voyage of the Damned)

Lynne Frederick (born 1954): British actress made her screen debut in the Hammer Horror Vampire Circus (1972), retired from acting on becoming the fourth wife of so-called comedian and genuine sociopath Peter Sellers, inheriting his wealth and tragic misanthropy, and then died obese, alcoholic and alone at 38 years of age.

Imogen Hassell (1942 – 1980)

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Imogen hassell sixties

In addition to her lacklustre career, her personal life was also turbulent. She was briefly married to the actor Kenneth Ives and then again to another actor, Andrew Knox, in a union that lasted merely months. On 16th November 1980, police were called to Imogen’s home in Wimbledon by Suzanna Leigh, her friend and fellow actress with whom she had been due to go on holiday that very morning. Imogen was found dead, her plane tickets in her hand and the cause of death an overdose of Tuinals. Andrew Knox, her former husband, would eventually take his own life in a similar manner. A Sketch of The Past.