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Anna Maria Ferrero, born 1934

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Anna Maria Ferrero: Italian actress on screen 1950 – 1964.


Lisa Gastoni, born 1935

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Lisa Gastoni (born 1935): Italian actress in B-movies such as Blue Murder at St Trinian’s (1957), Gidget Goes to Rome (1963) and Wild, Wild Planet (1965) until the drama Come Play with Me (1968) turned her into a serious actress.

Valeria Ciangottini, born 1945

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Valeria Ciangottini (born 1945): Italian actress, picked up at age 14 outside her school by creepy Italian director Frederico Fellini to appear in La Dolce Vita (1960); still acting.

Sylva Koscina in ‘A Lovely Way to Die’ (1968)

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Douglas plays the confident, flip, resourceful he-man with a suave winning way with the femmes, in his customary easy-going fashion and Koscina’s hot-and-cold attitude to his boudoir advances are both amusing and helpful to the atmosphere of the mystery yarn ~ Variety.


Valeria Fabrizi

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Valeria Fabrizi: Italian actress on screen since Beautiful But Dangersous (Italy La donna più bella del mondo 1955) starring Gina Lollobrigida.

Ornella Muti, born 1955

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Ornella Muti: born 9 March 1955, Italian actress.

Rosanna Schiaffino, 1939 – 2009

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Rosanna Schiaffino was one of those Italian beauty queens who began a promising acting career in the post-neorealist cinema of the 1950s, before retiring in the 1970s and marrying handsome playboy and steel industry heir Giorgio Falck; their marriage and, a decade later, their break-up and divorce, had overtones of melodrama more piquant than the content of any of the 45 films in which Schiaffino had starred ~ The Guardian.

Virna Lisi in ‘Duel of the Titans’

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” familiar pair of musclebound athletes, Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott, fight it out amid a few of the opulent sets left over from Hollywood’s multimillion-dollar forays into Cinecitta; and director Sergio Corbucci’s crane shots are a shade more sumptuous than the usual Italian wobbles” ~ NY Times.

Rossana Podestà as Helen of Troy

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As Helen, Rossana Podesta is a bit of a dazzler, it is true, but her sense of emotional disturbance and her facial expressions are those of a chorus girl ~ New York Times.

Rossana Podestà, 1934 – 2013

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Rossana Podestà: Italian actress born 1934 in Tripoli (present-day Libya), Helen in Helen of Troy (1956).