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Deborah Watling 1948 – 2017

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Deborah Watling (1948 – 2017): English actress on screen 1959 – 1979, best known as assistant Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who (UK TV 1967 –  1968).


Lynette Davies 1948 – 1993

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Lynette Davies: Welsh actress on British television from 1971 until her death at age 45; born 18 October 1948, Wales UK; died 12 December 1993, Wales UK; suicide by drowning.

Janet Ågren

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Janet Ågren (born 1949) Swedish actress in Italian exploitation films.

Ingrid Greer (1948 – 1981)

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Ingrid Greer: American actress born 4 January 1948 New York; died 19 December 1981, age 33, Los Angeles California; drowned in her home swimming pool.

IMDB lists five screen credits from 1978 to 1981 for Greer. The final credit is a boxing movie, Body and Soul, released October 1981 (see photo from Playboy magazine below). The above photo – found on eBay – dates from the late 1960s or early 1970s. She married University of Arizona alumnus Bertram A. Issacs on 10 September 1969 in Los Angeles City. Afte her death, he worked as an attorney in Houston, Texas.

The date of Greer’s death was recorded in the California Death Index and Screen Actor magazine. Sepia magazine (1947 – 1983) reported in its May 1982 issue: “On a sadder note, shortly after finishing her role in “Body and Soul,” playmate and model Ingrid Greer was found dead in her swimming pool in the Hollywood Hills. It appears to have been an accidental drowning. Needless to say, all of tinsel town was stunned by the shocking news. By Erik Washington.” Sepia – Volume 31, Issue 4 – Page 82

A 2009 blog post comment claims that Greer died in a “hot tub accident,” possibly based on her entry in Who’s Who in Hollywood by David Ragan. New York: Facts on File, 1992.

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Andrea Feldman (1948 – 1972)

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Andrea Feldman: born 1 April 1948, New York City; died: 8 August 1972, age 24, New York City; suicide victim.

A ‘Warhol Superstar,’ Feldman appeared in Andy Warhol’s Imitation of Christ (1967) and Paul Morrissey’s Trash (1970) and Heat (1972), receiving good reviews for her performance in the latter as the daughter of a faded Hollywood star, played by Sylvia Miles.

Feldman committed suicide by jumping out of a window of the 14th floor apartment where she lived at 51 Fifth Avenue, holding either “a rosary and a can of coke” or “a bible and a crucifix.” She left a note recording how Warhol and Morrissey exploited and abused her. Heat was released a month after her death.

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Claude Jade

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Claude Jade (née Claude Marcelle Jorré 1948–2006): French actress on screen from 1967 until her death from cancer.

Ayshea Brough, born 1948

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Ayshea: British actress-singer, born Ayshea Hague 1948, appeared in 19 episodes of the UK science fiction TV series UFO (1970 – 1973) as the radio operator for SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization), defending earth from alien invaders in 1980.

Meg Foster, born 1948

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Meg Foster: American actress born 1948, on screen since 1969.

Patty Pravo, born 1948

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Patty Pravo: Italian singer  born 9 April 1948, Venice Italy as Nicoletta Strambelli; four film appearances in 1967.

Edwige Fenech, born 1948

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Edwige Fenech: born in Edwige Sfenek 1948 in French Algeria to a Maltese father and Sicilian mother, acting in Italian movies in the 60s and 70s.