Actresses of the 50s and 60s

Pamela Tiffin

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Pamela Tiffin (born Pamela Tiffin Wonso, 13 October 1942, Oklahoma City Oklahoma). Summer and Smoke (1961), One, Two, Three (1961), State Fair (1962), Come Fly with Me (1963), For Those Who Think Young (1964), The Lively Set (1964), The Pleasure Seekers (1964), The Halleujah Trail (1965), The Moving Target (1966).


Valerie Allen in danger

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Valerie Allen (1936 – 2013): American actress, born into a showbiz family, on screen 1957 – 1969; married to Troy Donahue 1967 – 1968.

Valerie Allen 1936 – 2013

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The daughter of a vaudeville artist and a Ziegfield Girl, Valerie Allen danced in Vegas chorus lines during the mid 1950s. She was contracted to Paramount for several movies between 1956 and 1959, including Pillow Talk. A Suzanne Pleshette/Ava Gardner lookalike, Valerie played a support role in the Troy Donahue movie Come Spy With Me in 1966, and then married Troy the same year. They divorced in 1968 after doing various theater productions together. Valerie later became an executive at RCA, scripted soap operas, and worked as a cruise ship social director. In 2002 she wrote a novel set in Hollywood. TD.