Dianne Foster (1929 – 2019)

Dianne Foster: Canadian-born (1928) actress, on screen 1951 – 1966; died 2019. Obituary after the jump.

Find a Grave: Born Olga Helen Laruska, her parents were of Ukraine descent, she began performing in high school stage productions and later local theatre. She majored in Drama at the University of Alberta and following graduation, she relocated to Toronto where she found work in radio as well as modeling. After experiencing a tour in the production of “The Hollow” she was discovered by Orson Welles which led to here appearance on his radio program. Eventually, Welles cast her in the stage production of “Othello” which resulted in her performances on London’s West End. While in the United Kingdom, she made her motion picture debut in the English film “The Quiet Woman” (1951). She appeared in several British films over the next two years, prior to embarking upon Hollywood where she made her first American picture co-starring with Charlton Heston in the film “Bad For Each Other” (1953). Other notable films include “Night Passage” (1957) and “The Last Hurrah” (1958). During the 1960s, she appeared in a wide range of TV programs which include “Perry Mason”, “The Fugitive” and “Ben Casey” and many others before retiring mid decade.

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