Carol White 1943 – 1991

Carole White: English actress on screen 1949 – 1982; born 1 April 1943, Hammersmith UK; died 16 September 1991, 48 years of age, Miami USA; liver disease from alcoholism.

Carol White began as a child actress on stage, followed by many British television roles, before starring in Ken Loach’s searing teleplay Cathy Come Home (UK TV 1966) and feature film Poor Cow (1967), both about the struggles and tragedy of a working class woman. After starring in I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname (1967) with Oliver Reed, she moved to Hollywood but succumbed to alcohol and drugs.

She attempted a comeback in the UK play Steaming (by Nell Dunn, writer of Poor Cow) in 1981, but was fired from the production after an alcohol-fuelled two week absence and returned to the US.

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